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Manifest Anything In 2 Easy Steps! | Why The Law Of Attraction Isn't Working For You!

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

As a numerologist and psychic intuitive, I often have clients who come to me who don't feel good about themselves or their lives because they've been having difficulty with dating and this has affected their outlook on life. So one of the first things I try to help them do is to raise their vibrational frequency so that they are a match for the kind of person they want to have in their life, and stay in their life. Everything in the universe has a frequency and that includes people. As people, we give off a frequency through the thoughts and feelings we have, and we end up having friends and relationships with people that are on a similar frequency as us. If you want to attract an amazing person into your life and keep that person in your life, then you need to be vibrating at the same frequency as this amazing person you want to stay in your life. So one of the techniques that I use with my clients is a technique that changes their personal frequency and it is so effective and powerful that you can literally manifest almost anything into your life within 30 days if you use it correctly.

So here's the deal, if you want to manifest something into your life, you have to change the frequency that you're giving off so that you become a vibrational frequency match for what it is that you are trying to attract. For example, if your frequency is 200 but the person or job you want to attract is a 500, then those things will typically not come into your reality because you're not on the same frequency as those things which basically means you're not tuned into the same "radio station" as they are. If they do by chance happen to come into your life then they will not stay long unless you are able to bring your frequency up to the same level or "radio station" that those things are on. So how do you change your frequency?

You do this by changing your thinking, and by having more positive thoughts and happier emotions. Yes, this is basically the law of attraction, but the problem with the law of attraction and why it doesn't work for so many people is because it's easy to change your thoughts at a conscious level but what about at the subconscious level? We have a conscious mind that we are aware of but we also have a subconscious mind that stores information that we are not aware of. And it's almost impossible to control those thoughts because we aren't aware of why those thoughts are occurring. For example, something traumatic like breaking a bone, might have happened to you as a child and when it happened it might have been windy outside so your subconscious mind took in this information and now whenever it's windy, you become sad and you don't know why. The reason this technique is so much more powerful compared to other manifestation techniques out there, is because it changes your frequency by changing your thinking at the subconscious level by helping to change your subconscious mind.

Step 1: If you want to change your subconscious mind then you need to use the language of the subconscious mind, and the language of the subconscious mind is the five senses; smell, taste, sight, touch and sound. Pick your favorite sense, that is the most powerful for you, especially with evoking memory. Smell is the most powerful sense for me and is easily accessible so I like to use smell, and will use that as an example for the reminder of this.

-Whatever sense you picked, we are going to pair that with happy memories using "Pavlovian" or "Classical Conditioning." For example, if you picked smell, you will get a bottle of essential oils that has a smell you really like (I like to use peppermint because it's very strong and research has shown that it has a very strong affect on the brain for lifting your mood). Each day for one whole week, you will try to think of one of your happiest memories from your life (this can either be from childhood or from adulthood), and while you are thinking of this memory and trying to remember the happy emotions that you felt during this memory, you will smell the essential oil at the same time.

Step 2: After you have paired this happy memory with the smell or sense of your choice, you will then think of and visual what it is that you are trying to attract. So if you're trying to attract an amazing relationship, visual yourself in that relationship and imagine what it would look like, and while you are doing this, smell the essential oil of choice that you picked and let this smell (or other sense that you picked) invigorate you and lift up your mood so that while you are imaging yourself in this situation you are feeling the happy emotions that the smell is evoking in you. If done correctly, the happy feelings from the original happy memory that you paired the smell with, will now be evoked in you whenever you smell the essential oil. You can also make this paring even stronger by smelling the scent whenever a new happy memory occurs as well.

-Continue to pair the happy memory with the scent (or other stimulus you picked) for a whole week and then follow this with imagining what you desire while smelling the paired scent. After about a week, you won't need to pair the old happy memory with the scent anymore but you can continue to do this if you like. However for the rest of the month, you will continue to do the second half of this technique which is to think of the situation you desire in your life, and imagine this scenario in your mind while smelling the essential oil.

-Consistency is the key! You need to pair the old happy memory with the stimulus of choice such as a scent, once a day for at least one week, and continue to imagine the desired situation you want while using the stimulus every single day for one whole month. If you miss a day, then just add on an extra day. It's important to do this everyday if you want to see real results!

This technique has been extremely powerful for myself and with my clients as well. Try using this method for one month, and see what you are able to manifest into your life. And if you would like a professional to help guide you with this, or to show you when exactly you'll finally be able to manifest that thing you've been dreaming about, based on the numbers in your own personal numerological birth chart, then check out my numerology or intuitive readings by clicking here.

With Light and Love,

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