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Life Path Number 4 Support Group

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Hi master number 4s! Thank you for joining this brand new group. This is your group, and it's all about you so feel free to share, ask questions, make comments and vent as much as you like! What has been the hardest part for you about being a life path number 4 so far?

Jun 20

Hi Carmen and Fellow life path 4 peeps🙌🏽

I can honestly say my life has been quite tough going.😫 Trying to learn all my lessons so I don’t have to come back to this planet again. I feel definitely an old soul having a hunan experience. At the age of 42. …. My life has been very different to my siblings, friends and co workers. .. I feel very alone and find it hard to relax and enjoy being an human being. I know that deep down this place earth is not my true home. I resonate with possibly being part of the Arcturian star seed group. 😁

Any advice on how to navigate this life time would be most appreciated? 🤔



Welcome to the group! This group is for life path number 4s,...


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