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Master Number 33 Support Group

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Benjamin Boldan
Benjamin Boldan

Hi, Just found out im a 33 Rather than a 6 I have lot of ability but seems it goes to waste i feel like a lone 33 runs as a 3 but when two 33's get together they bring about balance bringing in the positive 6 creational energy.

I'm able to astral travel remote heal remote view manifest aswell as many other things, I believe I've been fighting in a spiritual war.

that my soul is a red dragon from alpha Draconis that was born dark and found the light inside and balanced it and centred it like the yin yang.

Ive been creating dragon eggs in the astral with the same female years. i dont understand alot of what i do im hoping we all have the pieces to the puzzle between us. I heavily relate to Odin and Jesus too. Anyone else similar

Mai M
Manena Johnson
Mai M
Mai M
17. 6. 2023

Wow your really advanced.

To se mi líbí


Welcome to the group! This group is for life path master nu...


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