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Had a crazy 40+ years of alcohol and drugs, but around Covid 2020 started to see the light. By 1st Jan 2024, I will be 2 years sober and clean, although I get legal amphetamine now with my late (57) ADHD diagnosis, and I do like plant medicine for deeper understanding.

Still always feels like a battle, theres always something else to improve, But I have seen Carmen and thisismariya vids regarding life path 33, and it feels like it has so many answers and even directions.

So here I am asking for advice from any 33 , who are in front of me, who can relay their wisdom.

Really struggle on the expression side, well without my 40+ years of drinking alcohol every day, where I was a central character.

I realised aswell as my late diagnosis ADHD, 2 yrs ago, I also had associated aphantasia, (do not have a minds eye, on all senses) and SDAM, no first hand recollection of my life events. A mini stroke also diagnosed 2 yrs ago, but they didn't know how old it was, I have got a terrible memory, to the point I have to live in the present, which spiritually is a good thing, but its a process.

So with the minds eye thing not working, I feel like I am so far behind, And I believe theres only a 50% pass rate shall we say with life path 33s as we all seem to be struggling , A LOT.

But as we are of the same 33 jesus christ path and are teachers and healers, I need to step up and discover what I can give to humanity, especially as the GREAT solar flash is more than probably the late half of 2024.

Any help or advice, truly appreciated.

Love and light my fellow divine children, teachers, healers and masters.

Paul A Tracey

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