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4 Easy Fun Ways to Find Love This Summer

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

As a numerologist and psychic intuitive, people will often ask me what are the best ways to meet a high-quality single person. If you would like to know the answer to this, then you're in luck because summer is here and love is in the air. We've come to that time of year where more people will be out and about socializing which means you'll have more opportunities to meet someone if you're single. Here are 4 easy ways to meet the love of your life this summer.

1. Hanging out at the beach or at your community pool

The beach is a great place to meet other single people, and it's completely free. You can approach people you're attracted to and ask them if they have any extra sunscreen or suntan lotion you can barrow. If you're local beach has volleyball courts then you can ask to join a game. If you don't live next to a beach, then a local community pool is also a great option where single people like to gather. Try going to the hot tub of your apartment complex or condo at night time, and you'll meet single people who live right next to you hanging out looking for some social interaction.

2. Going to a baseball game or other sporting event

Single men and women love to go to sporting events during the summer months. There will be plenty of baseball games occurring all over the country this summer. You can go with a group of friends and have them help you look for people who look interesting, who are also hanging out with friends. And if you see someone you like, you know that you already have a common interest and that's a great ice breaker.

3. Going to your local brewery

Instead of going to a bar, try going to your local brewery. Breweries are funner then bars because they often have games and trivia. You can go with a group of your friends or by yourself and if you see someone you're interested in, challenge them to a game of corn whole with your friends or ask them what type of beer they recommend you try. It's a great way to spark a conversation with someone while you're out and about having fun.

4. Joining a summer co-ed sports league

Sports leagues for kickball and softball often pop up during the summer. You interact with people on your team as well as the other teams you compete with and there usually is some socializing after the game at a local bar. It's a great way to meet other single people, make more friends and get some exercise in the warm summer sun at the same time.

The summer offers many opportunities for people to meet that special someone so take advantage of the season! If you have any great suggestions for easy ways to meet other single people during the summer, let me know in the comments below. And if you would like a professional to show you exactly when you'll finally find lasting love, based on the numbers in your personal numerological birth chart, then check out my numerology love readings by clicking here.

With Love and Light

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