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The Most Powerful Method to Get Over Your Ex | That No One Will Tell You

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

As a numerologist and psychic intuitive, I sometimes have clients who come to me who want to find love but aren't completely over someone from their past. They'll tell me that they want to find love because they can't stop thinking about a person from their past, and they want to replace this person. This can be a big problem because if you're attached to someone from your past, you prevent someone new from coming into your life. I like to use the garage analogy. If a car is already parked in your garage, a new car cannot come into your garage because the old car is taking up that space. Well, it's the same with relationships. If the energy of an old relationship is taking up space in your life, the universe cannot bring you a new relationship that will last because the old energy is blocking the new energy. So how exactly do you remove the old car from the garage? I'm going to give you a powerful method that worked for me many years ago. I now use this method with my clients and it is the most effective method you will ever use to get over someone from your past, and most people don't know about it.

Many years ago, I dated a guy who I had a lot of difficulty getting over. In fact, it was so difficult to get over this person, that it took me almost two years before I was completely over him. Dating other people, reading books and seeking professional help didn't help me. Then I came across the world of spirituality, and what I discovered was that every time you interact with someone, an energetic cord is created between you and that person. Like energy, we cannot see this cord. We cannot see energy, thoughts or feelings, but they still exist. The same is true for this energetic cord. Like energy that we cannot see with our eyes, there are many things in the world that we cannot see nor comprehend with our limited 5 senses. All of the thoughts and feelings that you have towards a person, and those that they have towards you, become encoded in this energetic cord, that you have between them. Consequently, you will have thicker cords attached to the people whom you have stronger relationships with and thinner cords with people whom are less significant in your life. For example your energetic cord to your parents will be much thicker than your cords attached to coworkers and even thinner to a person who you met at a party only once.

A cord is created to every person you ever interact with throughout your life. This means that you might have cords attached to you from people that you knew in childhood or from deep in your past that are still having an affect on you to this day and you are not even aware of it. There could be cords attached to you from random people you interacted with briefly that are affecting you that you're not even aware of. But these cords will have a much lesser affect than a cord connecting you to an ex-partner. A cord to someone whom you had a significant relationship with will be very thick, having all of the thoughts and emotions between the two people encoded into it, which is one of the reasons it's so difficult to get over an ex. If you want to free yourself from repetitive thoughts and feelings about that person, you have to cut the cord to that person. You can spend a lot of money and go to an energy or Reiki healer to cut this cord, or you can do it yourself by using this method. Here's how you do it.......

1. Everyday when you wake up in the morning, you can either ask Archangel Michael (who is an archangel included in many of the worlds major religions) or you can ask God, to cut all cords that are connected to you that no longer serve you. I will usually say out loud "Archangel Michael" or "Dear God, I'm asking you to please cut all cords that exist between me and anyone else that no longer serve my highest good. Thank you." God and the spiritual world cannot help us and cannot cut these energetic cords unless we give them permission to do so by asking them for help.

2. You can also visual in your mind the cords that are attached to you being cut while you say this, if you like. I have found this to be very helpful.

3. Consistency is the Key! In order for this method to be effective, you need to do this every single day. Everyday new energetic cords are created between you and the people you interact with. Also, old cords that have been cut can be reformed at anytime and so it's important that you are consistent and ask for your cords to be cut every single day.

4. You'll notice a difference within a few days if you use this method, and a huge difference within a month if you use it consistently everyday. You'll also notice that other relationships in your life will improve as well and that things from your past that previously bothered you, will no longer affect you as much as they once did.

This is the only thing that helped me finally get over someone that I could not get over for two years, and it has been extremely powerful with my clients as well. Try using this method for one month, and see how you feel. And if you need guidance with this process or are ready to move on and find lasting love, and would like a professional to show you exactly when you'll finally find lasting love, then check out my numerology love readings by clicking here.

With Light and Love,

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