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Are Dating Apps and Online Dating Causing People to Commit Suicide?

Updated: Aug 1

As a numerologist, I often have attractive and successful clients come to me expressing how depressed they feel due to online dating and dating apps. They tell me things such as that they have been ghosted so often by dates that they don’t feel good about their themselves anymore and that their self-esteem has been lowered since they started dating online, and that they’ve come to me to find out when they'll finally find love based on numbers and their numerological birth charts. I tell them that despite all of their hardships with dating and using dating apps, that yes we can absolutely use numbers and numerology to pin point when they will finally find lasting love. But this has made me wonder if one of the reasons for the drastic increase in suicide rates in recent years, is partially due to the rise in online dating and dating app usage. Here are the reasons there might be a connection.

According to a study published by, “online dating lowers self-esteem and increases depression” and that after a period of time of using dating apps such as Tinder people “may begin to feel depersonalized and disposable in their social interactions, develop heightened awareness (and criticism) of their looks and bodies and believe that there is always something better around the corner, or rather with the next swipe of their screen, even while questioning their own worth.”

The articles goes on to say that more people are using online dating and dating apps than ever before and the number of people who use these methods for dating has greatly increased every year. What I find peculiar is that at same time that the usage of dating apps has increased, the suicide rate in the United States has also increased. According to an article published by, the suicide rate increased by 33% between 1999 and 2017, the highest it’s ever been in the US since 1942 during WWII. In 1942 the country was coming out of an economic great depression, and that is not the case in 2019.

Is the increase in dating app usage partially the reason for the increase in suicides in the US in the past few years? Correlation does not equal causation but when you put these factors together, you start to see that they might be connected. People are putting themselves at risk for depression and lowered self-esteem by using these apps, often with the hope that someday it will lead to a long term relationship. But sadly that rarely happens since according to a study published by, only 20% of people in committed relationships meet through dating websites or dating apps. So why put yourself at risk for depression when the odds are that low that using a dating app will ever even lead to anything serious? Let me know what you think in the comments below. And if you would like a professional to show you what the numbers reveal about when exactly you'll finally find lasting love, or why someone you're dating is behaving the way they are, based on the numbers in your or their personal numerological birth chart, then check out my very popular numerology love readings. Because numbers are the language of the universe and reveal everything! To find out more, click here.

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